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Altai-Koks is one of Russia’s largest coke plants. 13% of all the coke produced in Russia are produced at Altai-Koks. The production includes all technological processes: from processing of coal concentrate to the production of coke and chemical products.

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Altai-Koks considers sustainability its social mission. Achievement of sustainability goals meets the long-term economic interests of the business, contributes to community welfare, along with conservation of the environment and improving quality of life.

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18 000 000RUR

invested in charity projects

Minimization of the environmental footprint i one of the main goals of Altai-Koks


  • 57 m RUR

    62 m RUR

    Environmental data

    • invested in environmental projects in 2015
    • invested in environmental projects in 2016
  • in 54times

    20,3kg/t steel

    • reduced discharges into water since 2007
    • air-emisions

Altai-Koks is one of the biggest enterprises producing coke in Russia

Altai-Koks at a glance

  • 42 Billion RUR


    Operating perfomance

    • Sales revenue in 2016
    • Production capacity in 2016

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