Altai-Koks makes donations to orphanages, low-income families, veterans, retired employees and disabled people as well as to people that have found themselves in challenging life situations.

3 mln RUR

spent on charity

Veterans support

As a special priority, the company takes care of its retired employees, who have made a strong contribution to its establishment and development of the plant. Altai-Koks veteran organization unites over two thousand retirees. The plant provides them with financial assistance on a monthly basis. Retirees celebrating their birthdays and those in need receive lumpsum payments. On an annual basis, the plant pays the retirees a portion of their utilities bills and senior citizen allowance.

In addition, former employees enjoying their well-deserved rest receive medical care and social support. The plant annually allocated millions of roubles for the above purposes. The money is used to pay for medical services, medicines and Bodrost resort vouchers. In 2017, the plant allocated up to 17 million roubles to the social support program for retired employees.
World War 2 veterans and war workers stand out among the numerous members of Altai-Koks’ veteran organization and receive special care and honour. They also receive support to obtain medical services, pharmaceuticals and resort vouchers. For the annual Victory Day celebrations veterans receive additional support or memorable gifts. For the 70th anniversary of the victory in WW2 Altai-Koks organized a "Home spa" festive event for the front-line veterans. They received precious gifts, while war workers were presented with food gift baskets.

Honouring tradition

Altai-Koks keeps with the best practices of Russian patronage. It supports regional organizations involved in cultural, historical and educational activities.
The plant donates to the Orthodox Church in Zarinsk and is involved in preservation and maintenance of historical monuments and architectural landmarks.


Altai-Koks has always placed an emphasis on promoting sports in the region where it operates.
The company’s employees have opportunities to be involved in regular sports activities. The plant annually holds corporate competitions among teams of production shops. The event has a structured scenario and includes contests in 13 sports. Traditionally, winners receive certificates of merit, medals and cash rewards. The prize pool is approximately 3 million roubles. The number of participants grows every year: 700 people attended the last event.
Along with the annual sports competition the plant holds family sport days, a competition commemorating A. Kotovich, first General manager of the plant and fishing contests. Altai-Koks supports its sportsmen in away games as members of Zarinsk and Altai regional teams. Every year plant employees bring their prizes home.
Also, Altai-Koks provides regular assistance to sports schools for children and young people as well as to paramilitary patriotic clubs.


Altai-Koks runs a long-term programme to support its corporate medical unit which provides high-quality medical services to the plant employees, retirees and members of the community along with treatment at Bodrost resort.

Also, Altai-Koks provides targeted support to low-income citizens of Zarinsk, reimbursing the cost of expensive medical treatment; for many years now the plant has supported the local office of the Russian children’s fund as part of "Help the child" charitable marathon. The money raised is allocated to procure medicine and medical treatment for children in critical care.

Promotion of education

Altai-Koks helps educational institutions create favourable learning climate in order to provide high-quality education to students. At the same time, the company seeks to shape high-potential talent pool made up of candidates who are creative and possess strong technical skills.
Altai-Koks has established partnerships with seven regional educational institutions. Annually, over 500 school students participate in events organized by the plant. Students from Zarinsk take plant tours, participate in topic-based quizzes and contests.
Together with Kuzbass State Technical University (KuzGTU) Altai-Koks holds Chemistry Olympiads among schoolchildren of Zarinsk. Olympiad winners have additional benefits when entering KuzGTU to pursue a job, popular at Altai-Koks. The plant guarantees internships and future employment to the participants of the programme.

Work with children

For over thirty years now Altai-Koks has supported Zarinsk orphanage. On a monthly basis, the plant provides the orphanage with financial assistance for general purposes, such as purchasing sport accessories, books and related educational and recreational activities.
Altai-Koks has always cared about children with health-related restrictions and put in effort so that they could live a full life. The health management room at the Children’s activity centre is the main recipient of sponsor help.

Support to cultural institutions

Altai-Koks supports the municipal dance theatre Zazerkalie, Zarinsk horse-riding club and makes donations to the community centre and Board of trustees of the Afghanistan war veterans’ union on their annual events.

Altai-Koks contributes to city-wide events in Zarinsk. Day of Steelmaker, usually celebrated in Zarinsk together with the City Day is one of the most prominent festivals for the community.