Energy efficiency

Altai-Koks strives to make products of the required quality at the least possible costs. To achieve this, we implement operational efficiency programmes, including the integration of energy-saving technologies into production processes.

Key elements of the Company’s energy efficiency strategy include:

  • Continuous improvement of production processes to reduce the consumption of energy
  • Upgrading and revamping of production facilities
  • Meeting the requirements of legislation and standards on resource-saving and energy efficiency
  • Improvements in the system of fuel and energy resources consumption management, including the developments based on the requirements of ISO 50001 international standard

Altai-Koks is implementing measures aimed at achieving these targets by optimizing existing business processes and using advanced technologies. Use of coke gas, which is a by-product from coke production is an example of such measures. This helps to cover the plant’s demand in all types of resources. Besides, the plant supplies heat and electricity generated by the co-generation plant to the entire population of the city of Zarinsk and successfully operates in the wholesale electricity and power market.

The installed electric capacity of the plant is 200 MW, the installed thermal capacity is 1,321 Gcal/h.

100% - Altai-Koks energy self-sufficiency


In 2018, Altai-Koks implemented several projects on energy efficiency resulting in total savings of 18.8 million roubles.

Key activities on energy efficiency improvement

  • Modernization of lighting systems
  • Optimization of generating facilities repair and maintenance to increase captive electrical energy generation and boost recovery of by-product gases
  • Upgrade of steam and hot water pipeline covering to reduce heat losses, etc.
  • In 2018, BSI Management System CIS conducted an external audit of the Altai-Koks’ Energy Management System for compliance with ISO 50001. As a result of the audit, the plant was reissued a certificate of compliance with ISO 50001.