The use of scientific potential to solve specific production problems allows rapid and competent adjustment of production processes as well as new schemes development and a deep analysis of production activities.

Innovative technologies employed at Altai-Koks

  • Dry quenching unit with capacity of 70 tonnes per hour for one chamber. It is intended for dry quenching of coke using gas. Every 15 minutes the quencher car delivers here about 22.8 tonnes of coke. The plant employs two dry quenching units allowing to obtain the highest quality coke
  • A two tier scheme of primary coke oven gas (COG) cooling employs air-cooled gas unit on the first stage and high-efficiency refrigerators with horizontal pipes on the second stage;
  • Crude benzene capture in scrubbers with a plane-parallel metal nozzle
  • Closing the loop of the final cooling of COG
  • Waste water free water consumption system - closed water loop
  • Rotor coal separation in preparation of coal charge for coking
  • Coke quenching car with an irrigation device that allows to reduce the moisture in the wet coke quenching
  • Automatic dosing of coal that allows to improve the accuracy of dosing in the coal charge for coking
  • Hazardous emissions collecting systems installed on coal pitch processing unit in benzene area, primary cooling and condensing area of coke battery No.5
  • The use of granular coal tar pitch as a sintering component in the process of carbonization,which has a positive effect on the quality of coke and allows Altai-Koks to reduce consumption of expensive coking coal of fatty grades at the same time producing coke of desired quality in the face of fierce competition in the market. This, in turn, reduces the risks associated with an increase in coking coal prices, as well as creates a foundation for the use of alternative technologies to reduce the consumption of coal and natural gas in blast furnaces.