Sustainable development

The company considers sustainability its social mission. Achievement of sustainability goals meets the long-term economic interests of the business, contributes to community welfare, along with conservation of the environment and improving quality of life.

Altai-Koks’ sustainability priorities are as follows:

  • Increasing operational efficiency

  • Energy efficiency

  • Developing local communities

  • Personnel development

  • Occupational health and safety

  • Minimizing environmental footprint

Increase in operational efficiency means a reduction in consumption of a number of resources driven by implementation of advanced technologies and efficient waste management.

Occupational health and safety. In its process, Altai-Koks operates hazardous production facilities and for that reason is responsible for well-being and safety of its employees. The Company aims to be a leader in occupational health and safety (OHS) among steel companies through applying best available OHS practices, efficient risk management, through provision of incentives and by actively involving employees in occupational safety programmes.

Minimization of the environmental footprint. A minimized negative impact on the environment is the result of Altai-Koks’ capex programme alongside planned environmental and technological initiatives outside of the investment process.

Increase in energy efficiency is a part of Altai-Koks’ strategic activities targeting reduction in fuel purchase and increase in captive electrical energy generation fr om recovery of by-product gases.

Talent development is a prerequisite for the company’s long-term competitiveness and dynamic development along with an increased potential of its human capital. High-quality professional training provides the level of employee qualification necessary for solving professional challenges. It also increases employee loyalty, forms a favourable social and psychological climate in the workplace and has a direct impact on the development of corporate culture.

Development of the region is Altai-Koks’ key sustainability objective, serving to improve the quality of life for people in local communities. The company works with local communities and the authorities at different levels; it strives to create new opportunities for using cutting-edge mechanisms for development of the regions wh ere NLMK operates and to resolve the most burning social issues.