Our professions

Altai-Koks employs experts of 130 professions. About 70% of employees have vocational education, 30% have higher education. 67% of employees have over 10-years working experience at the Company.

Every year Altai-Koks recruits about 50 young experts. Currently about 28% of employees are under 35.

Altai-Koks provides ample opportunities for personal and professional growth. A constantly expanding list of awards and achievements confirms the expertise and competence of the plant team. In 2018, Altai-Koks awarded about 291 employees: 6 of them received industrial awards, 82 received regional and municipal awards and 203 received corporate awards.

Altai-Koks personnel structure by function

  • 26% Production
  • 37% Repair and technical stuff
  • 23% Logistics, еnergy resources
  • 14% Administrative functions