Students and schoolchildren

Altai-Koks is interested in a high level of training of its future employees, therefore it collaborates with technical colleges and universities.


students take internship training at Altai-Koks every year

Together with leading educational institutions of Altai Krai and Kuzbass Altai-Koks traditionally implements a training programme for coke production

Zarinsky Polytechnic College

Altai-Koks implements joint educational projects with Zarinsky Polytechnic College, providing opportunities for students to practice and ensuring future employment for the graduates. The selection of candidates for vacancies is carried out based on the results of their practical training at Altai-Koks, entrance test and advice of the college. College students can also participate in theme based tours to visit their future workplaces.

Elements of dual training are introduced in the educational process. In this model of training the emphasis is given to the practical work. Every year up to 100 Zarinsky's students take on-the-job training at the plant let by competent mentors. The new learning format helps students adapt to the working conditions while studying, and Altai-Koks allows training qualified professionals not only with good theoretical knowledge but also with practical skills and experience.

Schoolchildren and students

Every year over 50 students of universities of Altai Territory, Kemerovo and Tomsk regions take on-the-job training at the plant led by competent mentors. Successful completion of practical training enables the best students to apply for employment at Altai-Koks after graduation.

As part of career guidance the Company organizes educational trips for Zarinsk school children . These trips shape teenagers’ understanding of industrial production, their interest in working professions, and readiness to choose their future profession.

Together with Kuzbass State Technical University (KuzGTU) Altai-Koks holds Chemistry Olympiads among schoolchildren of Zarinsk. Such Olympiads in their major subject allow to identify the strongest schoolchildren, to train since school days young professionals to replace the plant workers, promote the production by talent pool for the future. Olympiad winners have additional benefits when entering KuzGTU to pursue a job, popular at Altai-Koks. The plant guarantees internships and future employment to the participants of the programme.