Economic contribution

Social and economic stability in the region of our presence impacts the long-term stability of the business, therefore financing of social programmes is one of the priorities of the Company. Altai-Koks adheres to the strategy of sustainable development, which implies a balance of economic and social components of business.

The main directions of social investment include the support of comfortable and safe working conditions for our employees, their vocational training, improving the quality of medical care and rehabilitation, supplementary pensions, funding sports activities, a variety of payments stipulated by the collective agreement.

160 m

RUR – social investments in 2018

Altai-Koks is the largest employer of Zarinsk. It provides employment to the population of the city. Currently, the benefits package and the average salary in the Company are the most significant among the enterprises of Zarinsk and the Altai Territory.

The priority of Altai-Koks’ social policy is to provide comfortable environment not only on the plants itself but also around it. This approach contributes to the strengthening of social stability of the region, and hence the successful development of the Company.

Altai-Koks is actively involved in the life of the city of Zarinsk and the Altai Territory. First of all, the city-forming enterprise supports almost all life-support systems of Zarinsk: it provides heat, electricity and drinking water to townspeople. In addition, the Company implements a number of charity programmes, including the support and development of education, health, culture and sports.

3 m

RUR – charitable aid to facilities and residents of Zarinsk

The funds were allocated to support the equestrian centre, construction of playgrounds, city athletes to compete on a national scale, the support of the regional branch of the Russian Children's Fund in the charity marathon "Support the Child”. Retirees and veteran organizations of the city, as well as Zarinsky orphanage also receive charitable support.

250 m

RUR - tax payments to the budget of the Altai Territory

85 m

RUR - to the budget of Zarinsk

Altai-Koks regularly makes tax payments to the budget on all levels. In 2018, the company transferred to the Altai Territory budget about 250 million roubles, to the budget of the city of Zarinsk - over 85 million roubles.