Social responsibility

Altai-Koks sees its social mission in achieving sustainable development goals, which further the long-term economic interests of business, contribute to community social welfare, and promote conservation of the environment and the observance of human rights within its territory of operation.

Altai-Koks Strategic Objectives

  • Create a favourable and predictable social and economic environment for its employees and local communities
  • Improve corporate governance frameworks for economic, environmental and social activities of the plant
  • Comply with international and national environment protection standards Focus on the best state-of-the-art technologies
  • Observe business ethics principles, resist corruption and terrorism
  • Create an environment for stronger performance of the Company’s employees
  • Ensuring sustainable improvement of the welfare and social safety of the Company's employees and safe workplace environments

The combined efforts of the Company, its employees and communities are aimed at achieving the following strategic objectives:

Corporate responsibility: key aspects 2018 targets 2018 results Achievement of established targets. Analysis 2019 targets
Community relations, development of the region of presence Actions on promoting sustainable development of the region where the plant operates and support of stable social and economic environment in Zarinsk In 2018, the plant invested 160 million roubles in the social sector and development of the region, including 3 million roubles in charitable activities 2018 target reached Altai-Koks was actively involved in development of the region where it operates The plant will continue to promote sustainable development of the region

Social and labour relations between the plant and its employees are governed by the terms of the collective agreement.

Altai-Koks provides to its employees a full benefit package:

  • Lumpsum payments upon retirement and reaching retirement age
  • Resort vouchers, payment for medical care in the corporate medical unit and partner resort
  • Voluntary medical insurance
  • Additional pension coverage
  • Public holiday bonuses
  • Additional vacation time with average salary payment
  • Catering services
  • Support of motherhood and childhood, including
    • Payments on child’s birth
    • Support to large families
    • Christmas and New Year gifts
    • Financial support to mothers with children aged 18 months to three years
    • Summer camps for employees’ children

Altai-Koks’ relations with the trade union are based on equal social partnership in all related areas, from the collective labour agreement to regular meetings of the union committee with the plant management to discuss the day-to-day issues important to employees. This serves to improve social and economic stability and competitive performance of Altai-Koks, increase the standard of living for employees and maintain a healthy moral and psychological climate among the personnel.


of employees are members of Altai-Koks’ trade union

There are three active non-governmental organizations at the plant:

  • Youth Union implements a number of youth initiatives aimed at professional adaptation of young workers, improving their social protection, strengthening of personal motivation, promotion of healthy lifestyles and family values. Youth Union with financial support from Altai-Koks holds mass cultural, sports and charity events.
  • Veterans Council deals with issues of social support for Altai-Koks’ retirees, organizes plant and citywide events, holidays, anniversary and memorable dates celebrations.
  • Women's Council holds cultural events for female workers of Altai-Koks.