Altai-Koks is one of Russia’s largest coke plants. 13% of all the coke produced in Russia are produced at Altai-Koks. The production includes all technological processes: fr om processing of coal concentrate to the production of coke and chemical products.

The company is located in the Siberian Federal District, close to the mining companies of Kuznetsk Coal Basin, wh ere 80% of all Russia’s coke is mined.

3 000

people are working in the company

At the Altai-Koks plant there are five coke batteries with a production capacity of 4.4 million tonnes of dry coke per year. Advanced coke battery No.5 is unique for Russia and the CIS. Innovative technical solutions, using the most advanced domestic and foreign expertise, laid down the foundation for the the design of this battery.

Market positions

  • The total area of Altai-Koks industrial complex is 470 hectares.
  • The enterprise operates 5 coke batteries.
  • The production capacity of the Company is 4.4 million tonnes of bulk coke per year.
  • Altai-Koks's share in the total volume of Russian coke exports is over 20%.
  • About 260 railcars of coal are processed at the plant every day.
  • Altai-Koks's share in the total volume of Russian coke production is 15%.
  • Altai-Koks's share in the total volume of cargo transportation in Altai Territorial Administration of the West-Siberian railway is 40%.

Altai-Koks produces high-quality coke and chemical products using advanced production technologies. Approximately 80% of Altai-Koks products are supplied to Novolipetsk Steel. In 2013, Altai-Koks and Novolipetsk Steel formed a unified technological space that allowed to obtain the highest quality coke in Russia, to avoid the use of imported coal and increase the efficiency of NLMK blast furnace production.


tonne of coke in Russia is produced at Altai-Koks

Environment is Altai-Koks's priority. Reduction of environmental impact is directly linked to the Company constantly increasing its environmental-protection investments. The level of annual investment in environmental programmes has tripled to almost 100 million roubles over the past five years. Altai-Koks has a reputation for being the most environmentally friendly coke enterprise in the industry. Over 7,000 of conifers and hardwood trees grow in its area of 470 hectares.

Sustainable operational and financial performance*

  • Coke output


  • Sales

    58bn RUR

  • Capacity


  • Coke and
    chemical products sales


High level of corporate responsibility

  • 3000


  • 50%

    employees received vocational training in 2018

  • environmental investment

    205m RUR

  • Annual social investment

    160m RUR