Young professionals

Altai-Koks aims to create favourable conditions for young workers to use theirs skills and promotes their career, helping them in addressing social issues.

Altai-Koks has an active HR policy aimed at attracting prospective young workers from both colleges and universities and among those that have completed their service in the armed forces of Russia. As a result, the company hires over 200 young qualified workers each year that later form the Company’s pool of professional talent, future executive and line managers.


employees are younger than 35 years old

Altai-Koks’ youth programmes are aimed at effective adaptation of graduates to the working conditions at the plant. The process includes the basic trades’ workers, managers and professionals under the age of 35.

Young Leader

Altai-Koks has been holding "Young Leader” competition since 2008. Altai-Koks's "Young Leader” competition aims to identify leadership potential of young employees and to shape talent pool for all management levels. Any employee under 35 (manager, expert, worker, clerk) with working experience of at least 1 year can participate in the competition. Over 30 contestants participate in the competition on a yearly basis.

"TOP-1000" project

Project “TOP-1000” is aimed at the development of professional, personal and managerial skills of talented young employees, involving them in activities to improve the efficiency of production and the subsequent appointment to leadership positions in the company.

Out of 300 employees of Altai-Koks under the age of 35 objective testing has identified 100 young professionals with a high level of intelligence and potential for development - the so-called HiPo (High Potential) workers. All of them received individual development and career plans until 2017.

Most of the participants of "TOP-1000” project are included in the talent pool for executive positions. They receive training on improving managerial skills. In addition, HiPo employees develop through internships at reserve positions and related areas, rotation within the departments and transfer to others, participation in corporate competitions, training at advanced training courses, seminars and workshops.

Youth Union

Youth Union implements a number of youth initiatives aimed at the professional adaptation of young workers, improving their social protection, strengthening of personal motivation, promotion of healthy lifestyles and family values. Youth Union with financial support from Altai-Koks holds mass cultural, sports and charity events. The structure of the youth organization includes about 50 Altai-Koks employees.