Occupational health and safety

In its process, Altai-Koks operates hazardous production facilities and for that reason is responsible for well-being and safety of its employees.

The Company aims to constantly improve its occupational health and safety (OHS) performance through applying best available OHS practices, provision of incentives and by actively involving employees in the occupational safety programme.

110 m

RUR invested in OHS activities

Altai-Koks provides its employees with preventive medical care, from standard medical examinations to medical treatment at Altai resorts. In accordance with the governmental standards and corporate requirements, all employees receive special clothes and personal protective equipment.

OHS is the cornerstone of efficient production. This is a fundamental principle of NLMK's OHS policy covering all production sites, Altai-Koks being no exception. The policy specifically states that employees are the company’s key asset, and responsibility for their health and well-being is a priority in production. In 2014, the Risk management programme was started at the plant, driven by the new OHS strategy. It included the "Pursuit of safety" activities, organization of safety workshops and seminars attended by heads of shops and functions. After the projects, almost fifty percent of Altai-Koks employees are now involved in identification and elimination of hazards and elaboration of measures preventing injuries at workplaces.

The plant’s consistent effort in improvement of OHS practices led to Altai-Koks’ recognition as the winner of the 13th industry contest Highly Socially Efficient Mining Enterprise in Occupational Health and Safe Labour Conditions category organized annually by the the Management board of the Association of mining and metallurgical complex industrialists and the Executive committee of the Central Council of the Mining and Metallurgical Trade Union.