Environmental performance

Altai-Koks's objective is to consistently minimize the negative impact of the production process on the environment and reach the highest global environmental standards.

  • Atmospheric protection

  • Sustainable management of water resources

  • High recycling rate

  • Energy efficient production

NLMK Group is one of the most advanced steelmaking companies in the world in relation to the environment. NLMK is committed to consistent efforts to minimise its environmental impact and achieving best-in-class environmental performance.

526 m RUR

invested in environmental projects

Over five years, Altai-Koks has invested over 500 million roubles in environmental projects. The plant's environmental impact reduced significantly due to introduction of state-of-the-art technologies and full-scale equipment upgrade. In 2013, Altai-Koks was recognized as the most environmentally responsible Russian production facility at the industrial and environmental forum "RosPromExpo-2013". The company was nominated following the recommendation of the Administration of the Altai Territory.

Investments in environmental protection projects, 2014-2018, m RUR

2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
100 57 62 102 205

Atmospheric protection

The environmental and process control laboratory of Altai-Koks has been accredited with the Accreditation System for Analytical Laboratories since 1999 and monitors atmospheric air quality in the city and within the industrial sanitary protection zone in accordance with the environmental legislation. Since 2012 the environmental monitoring system has employed a mobile air quality monitoring station. The plant is putting in sustainable effort to reduce atmospheric emissions.

The key environmental projects include installation of the collector system in the chemical waste recovery shop, commissioning of the dust-free coke discharge unit at coke-oven battery No. 5, scheduled repairs of dedusting equipment at the core production areas, etc. Altai-Koks has a reputation for being the most environmentally friendly coke plant in the industry. It has almost 500 hectares of land where over 7,000 coniferous and foliage trees grow.

Sustainable management of water resources

Industrial water is treated in a biochemical installation and hydraulic engineering structures, and re-delivered for use in production, which enables minimization of fresh water intake. Fresh water intake for industrial use from the Chumysh River accounts for only 3% of the total process water volume.

High recycling rate

Strict procedures are in place covering waste management practices employed by the plant. Class 3 hazardous chemical waste is stored on site, at the only chemical waste storage in the area complying with technical and environmental requirements. 97% of the waste is either recycled internally or sent to special waste treatment organizations. Altai-Koks operates liquid waste and sludge disposal facilities enabling hazardous waste of classes 2 and 3 to be processed into a secondary product used as an additive to raw materials.